Occasionally we lead or host great classes on meditation, positive deliberate dreaming, or other holistic modalities. Here is what we have going on now!


Acupuncture & Reiki & Meditation

This is a group session where all participants get acupuncture, reiki, and you guessed it, some guided meditation. It is all very laid back, and deeply soothing. I really enjoy doing these events; I get excited prepping for them, a bit nervous as they begin because I want you to get as much out of it as I do, and then I am just pleased as punch when everyone leaves melted and relaxed.

If you’ve never had reiki before, you can expect it to feel really grounding and nourishing, and intensely relaxing. In this setting I will come around and hold your feet while you rest, and you get the sense of being infused with your own well being.┬áIt pairs really well with acupuncture, helping to amplify the benefits you are already receiving.

Cost for the each session is $20-$45, and it is open to new people as well. The space is limited so you need to RSVP for yourself and anyone else you are bringing. Click on “CLASSES” tab in the window below to find the next available class. These tend to book up fast! Please plan on arriving 15 minutes early each class!


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