About SCA

Skagit Community Acupuncture provides a radical and yet sensible solution to feeling better on a budget. We do this by treating multiple people per hour, being succinct and thoughtful about what we do. This allows our patients to pay as little as $25 for a treatment. That is pretty incredible when most places have to charge closer to $80 to cover their overhead.  This means that you can afford to come often enough to GET BETTER while not breaking the bank. It also means that we can make a modest living doing what we love.

We treat people in recliners mostly, though we do have a massage table for people who are more comfortable lying flat. No one disrobes – you just kick of your shoes and socks. We practice DISTAL treatments – meaning that no matter what we are treating (from headaches to back pain to hormonal or digestive issues) we use acupuncture points that are on your legs, arms, and your head. We do occasionally do back treatments as well, but largely we don’t need to.

This is a surprisingly comfortable experience, even with other people resting quietly in the room with you. It is hard to explain, but the calm is palpable. You can feel the quiet and relaxation happening. We urge you to come try it for yourself, it is a unique way to heal.

We are part of a network of practitioners across the country (200 strong!) who believe in offering acupuncture in an affordable setting. We are all individually owned and operated, connected solely by our common goal. If you think Community Acupuncture might be helpful for a friend or family member across the country, send them to this link to find clinics in their area.


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